Gorffannef/Awst 2005 July/August


If you have missed “Y Bont” for July this is because there was not one! All the editors being involved in the Eisteddfod and then in Village business (including, with Dick Cottage, repainting the inside of the Village Hall - so please notice) meant our deadline slipped so far we decided to do a bumper July/August edition. It has nothing to do with the fact that there was not one response to our appeal last month for ideas for “Y Bont” - we assume we are doing the right things!

The three peaks challenge has now been successfully completed with some dramatic times for the Carrogites and a respectable improvement on the time for the older team. Hope House, children’s hospice, will receive the benefit of the sponsorship and lottery with a presentation being made at the “Y Bont” Bash in September. The fund is still open and is held by “Y Bont” if anyone still wishes to contribute.

We are not sure if we dare ask this, especially after the response to our appeal for ideas last month, but would anyone like to suggest the sort of entertainment they would like to see at the Bash this year?

Finally, the Manx have been staying in the Village and participating in the Eisteddfod. This is the first time in 59 years a Manx Dance Group has taken part and they reached a very respectable third place ensuring they will return next year. The musicians, also gained a fourth place, playing with one member of the group absent.

This month we have chosen a photograph showing an older Manx/Carrog link with several Carrogites at the TT Races in the IOM in the early 1950s - £5 for the first person to successfully name all five. (This excludes any person actually in the photograph).

Manx TT (Date inknown)

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