Gorffannef/Awst 2005 July/August

Carrog School

All the children took part in a skipping activity organised by Geraldine and David Liddy and £55 was raised for the British Heart Foundation.

Kate Burgess, the Denbighshire Bio-Diversity officer gave a talk to the children, followed by a visit to the local Eucalyptus nursery where the children had a tour with Marthe Whitehall. All the children were given a small tree to take home. Samanthe Williams, a Denbighshire Environmental officer and a past pupil of the school gave a talk about footpaths and the Country Code and the children went for a nature walk around the village.

Members of the Corwen Woodwind Band performed in a Concert in the Rhyl pavilion with other children from local schools.

The children enjoyed their annual visit to Llangollen Eisteddfod going on the canal boat beforehand. On the Friday the dance group from the Isle of Man visited the school, and danced with the children. On Wednesday Bethany Smith put on her best frock and went on stage at the Eisteddfod to present flowers to Leslie Garret, the President of the day.

Rachel, Hollie, Jack and Charlotte passed their cycling proficiency test All the children and parents enjoyed the sun at the annual sports day with the “Coch” team winning this year. At the swimming Gala at Corwen many of the children gained certificates and Harry Pooler gained a medal for winning in the year 6 boys race.

Pupils from Key Stage 2 enjoyed an activity day at the Youth Hostel in Llangollen when they had a chance to take part in abseiling, wall climbing, archery, B.M.X. cycling and problem solving team games.

The Early years children went to Ewephoria and enjoyed watching the sheepdog at work and the different breeds of sheep on the stage. As usual the School concert was well attended when the pupils took the audience down memory lane. At the end of the concert Mr. Huw Griffiths , the newly appointed Director of Education presented dictionaries to the 9 pupils from year 6 and the Basic Skills award to Bronwen Lebbon, the headteacher which the school have gained for the second time. At the end of term the children enjoyed a Disco and party which was organised by the parents of year 6 pupils.

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