Gorffannef/Awst 2005 July/August

Quotes From The 3 Peaks Challenge

Ian Lebbon, “Bloody Mountains!”
Peter Roberts, “No, BEAUTIFUL mountains”
(This was at around 0500 hrs. on the final mountain Ben Nevis)


Eric Lee, “What’s that scraping noise?”
Colin Roberts, “The brakes”.
Eric Lee, “What brakes?”
Colin Roberts, “Exactly!”
(Whilst Colin was driving down a steep pass in Scotland)


Paul Fisher, “I’ve got the frying pan, whose got the cooking utensils?”
The answer was - nobody. With the result that breakfast was cooked for sixteen using a pen knife.


Colin Roberts, “I’m looking for the cow where we turn left”.
Colin’s unique navigational skills which did get us to Scafell.


Steve Davies, “*$%*#hell we took too long on that one.”
Repeated at the bottom of every mountain.


Anthony Davies, “All my kits in the house and I’m locked out”.
Anthony proving it is better to have a key than a sister who goes out.


Dick Sheasby, “Your average speed is ...,
your average fuel consumption is ...,
our estimated time of arrival is ...,
we have ... miles to run”.

Dick proving throughout the journey why he is the best navigator in Carrog if not the world!

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