Gorffannef/Awst 2005 July/August

Captains Log, Stardate 10.06.2005 0900 hrs.

The Millennium Falcon came along side at the Grouse Inn at the beginning of the second epic mission this century to conquer the 3 highest peaks in the country. The twist in the mission was that another team of intrepid explorers was also trying to conquer the same peaks in a shorter time, how would they do it? The Falcon, crewed by Captain Lee, Co Pilot Roberts JR and Explorers Roberts and Davies waited in anticipation for the cargo vessel Mercedes to join along side while the crew gratefully enjoyed a complementary breakfast.

The Captain of the Cargo vessel, Capt. Fisher, late due to ablution difficulties, arrived at the Grouse Inn without the vessel. The crew of the Falcon chuckled deeply, if the captain had forgotten his vessel, would he ever remember to collect all the cargo in order to complete the mission?

Post breakfast, the Crew of the Falcon embarked, as the crew of the cargo vessel stood by while the captain of the Mercedes embarked on his own personal mission to retrieve his vessel from its docking station.

On cue, the fully crewed Falcon got away to a blistering start at 0945 hrs., while the cargo vessel Mercedes, crewed by Capt. Fisher, Navigator Sheasby, and Explorers Lebbon and Davies, continued to take on provisions, fuel and equipment. Crew member Davies had been earlier locked out of his living pod and had subsequently had his own mission to search out the keys to get at his own expedition equipment. Finally at 1000 hrs. the cargo vessel Mercedes cast off and made haste to catch up with the Millennium Falcon.

Meanwhile the Millennium Falcon had gone along-side ground station HSBC Corwen as Explorer Roberts found himself short of the vital tokens needed to purchase liquid refreshment at the ultimate destination. Captain Lee was eager to get away from this hostile un-welcoming station, so much so that cast off was made with Explorer Roberts still at the HSBC, The remaining crew members protested, Captain Lee engaged reverse thrust, retrieved the marooned explorer, applied full power to the forward transmission and jumped to warp factor 70.

The Millennium Falcon came alongside base station Wyddfa at 1045 hrs., cargo vessel Mercedes pulled in 60 seconds later. Capt. Fisher had engaged full forward thrust reaching warp 90 to catch up with the Millennium Falcon, but had compromised the fuel cell on the way to the tune of 40 beer tokens.

The explorers were deployed, engaged mission equipment and departed for the summit. The ground crew tracked down the opposition, but failed in their attempt to sabotage and infiltrate their mission plan.

To be continued. . . .

Fort William after the Three Peaks

(* Both teams enjoying hard earned glasses of leminade in Fort William.)

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