Gorffannef/Awst 2005 July/August

The Manx Were Here!

This year there were no Bretons but the Manx came instead.

Our picture shows Ian Lebbon congratulating the Peree Bane (White Jackets) dance group and accompanying musicians, King Chiaulee, who came third in the Choreographed Dance Section at the Eisteddfod. King Chiaulee, a well known Manx folk group in their own right, achieved fourth in the Celtic Music Small Groups section. Both groups enjoyed their experience immensely but all agreed staying in Carrog was the best experience of all! One of the dancers was Quintin Gill, a member of the Isle of Man Parliament (the House of Keys), who was extremely grateful to the Eisteddfod organisers and particularly to the people of Carrog for a memorable visit.

The Manx at the Eisteddfod

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