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Dear Editor - Carrog: An Appreciation

It‘s my belief we make our own luck, but that belief is constantly challenged by those annoying ifs and buts of happenstance. However it is made what brought me here is not important and any detailing of the facts could never express my own sense of good fortune of finding myself in Carrog. From the first view over the bridge toward the town I wanted to reflect nothing and only absorb. Breathing in as if it were possible the age of the stones, to record every detail from the movement of sheep to the bend in the river, and so by some elusive measure to transform them into a nugget of never loosing luster. But none of this is possible and so as we all are I was reduced to quietly walking in a beautiful place. But why I stay is because I wasn’t hounded or chased, ridiculed or ignored. I am here because people in Carrog have been kind to me.

Karl Young

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By Carrog Town

The careless bull and the breeding cow
the bleating sheep and the suckling sow
of this green grass and mud earth
everyone for us a sense of worth.

Yet I as I walk by
can only breath an escaping sigh
with the lacking of the day
and the moon that begins its stay.

It’s then that I do despair
for the asking in a prayer
that I could preserve a part of me
forever in the green of thee.

Karl Young.

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Dear Editor,

On 31st May I set off nervously for Cardiff with my mum, sister and cousin and after catching the 6.40 train from Chirk arrived in Cardiff at about 10.15.

Tired but excited we walked through the busy streets and finally found our bed and breakfast which was opposite the magnificent Millennium Stadium.

That evening we walked to the Bay where the Urdd was being held - this was a lot further than we thought. Exhausted we got a bus back.

So far Cardiff was great and I had noticed the massive shopping centre. That night we relaxed, but I was slowly getting nervous. I couldn’t sleep because I was excited and anxious. When, at 5.30 it was time to get up my stomach was full of butterflies.

Everyone was quiet - in my sister Susie’s case because she never usually gets up before 12 noon, but for mum and I it was nerves.

We got a taxi to Cardiff Bay at 6.30 a.m. and ran for the prelims. I was quite pleased with my performance but I was up against a lot of strong competition and unfortunately didn’t get stage.

We went round the Eisteddfod and went into one of the most beautiful and interesting building I have ever seen, the Millennium Centre. It was overwhelming to see and I was proud to be inside it and to be Welsh.

We then decided we needed retail therapy and went to one of the biggest shopping centres ever. We all bought loads of clothes and really enjoyed ourselves.

On Thursday it was sadly time to go home, but one thing that cheered me up was we accidentally bumped into the one and only Big Dave.

One person I definitely could not have done without was my teacher Miss Owen Edwards. She guided me all the way and helped me with my recitation “Bwyd Od”.

I also found out she is related to me and her mother taught my mother thousands of moons ago.

Cardiff is a great city and a great capital for Wales, I can’t wait to return there.

Charlotte Davies.

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Dear Editor

And now for the good news - an update on the school situation

The good news is that Ysgol Carrog (alongside all of the other small rural schools) is no longer under threat of closure in the near future. Denbighshire County Council has announced that it is going back to the drawing board to look again at the best way forward for local schools. A ‘fresh approach’ to consulting on the future of local education has been promised -a holistic approach which sees schools in the context of their local communities.

Ysgol Carrog - along with its passionate parents and supportive community - played an important part in raising awareness among DCC Councillors and Officers of the importance of schools within the community. The feedback from our Education Link Officer is that our presentation to DCC on 24th May and our response to the challenge of closure were being held up as a positive example of how a school and community might work together. So all the meetings, petitions, demonstrations, e-mails and letters were worth it!!!

To ‘future-proof’ our school and community from such challenges that will, no doubt, come around again, we will be working to maintain and grow the links between the two. Keep an eye open for school-community events and activities in the Autumn - and let us know if you have any ideas or comments. But it is often the simplest things that are the most effective, and one thing that everyone can do any time and anywhere is talk to other people about just how good we are - blow the trumpet for Carrog and its little school and help to keep both alive!

Dr. Sarah Smith.

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Sri Lanka Rebuild - South Powys
Ysgol Gynradd Carrog

Dear Bronwen,

I write on behalf of Sri Lanka Rebuild to thank you and everyone involved in raising the wonderful sum of £750 which you sent to us.

I enclose the flier we were handing out at the Hay Festival of Art and Literature this week. It gives details of our web site so that you can access us and gain up to date information of progress. So far we have funded two schools and we hope to do two more but Kumari Dias and myself are going over to Sri Lanka at the end of July to see what has been achieved and what more we can continue to support. Local school children have been putting together shoe boxes and writing letters etc., and if your children would like to send out messages with us we can provide the link. Children have written little notes and drawn pictures to illustrate what life and school is like for them here. Please feel free to ring me or e-mail. We do appreciate your support and interest.

We have been overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of our friends and this is so much appreciated by the Sri Lankan people. We hope to get film and photographs so that you can all share our journey.

Yours sincerely,

Jean Moseley - Treasurer

Sri Lanka Rebuild is a newly formed organisation that has applied for charitable status. It was started at Bronllys Hospital in the immediate aftermath of the Tsunami.

A group of four Sri Lankan hospital staff and their colleagues and friends with the support and help of local people were able to send a 40 foot container of essential aid on the 5th January 2005 to stricken parts of Sri Lanka. Following this they decided to continue support to the damaged areas in Sri Lanka.

With the generosity of local people, the group has since been able to fund the building of two pre-schools in Hambantota district and hope to be able to build a further school and pay for the teachers’ salary and other small projects to help in rebuilding lives damaged by the Tsunami. Hambantota is a desperately poor area where people now have even less than the nothing that they started with.

The first school building was started on 3rd April 2005 and the second on 13th May 2005 and they should be completed within 8 weeks. These will provide free nursery education for children who were affected by the destructive power of the waves.

With the children in school, surviving parents or guardians will be able to start to help to rebuild a future for their families. With your help SRI LANKA REBUILD will be able to continue its support of projects in Sri Lanka to help in the struggle for a sustainable self-sufficient future for this recently devastated country.

Thank you for your support it will make a difference!

For more details please see our website at: (fundraising section)
or contact
or phone 01874 624771 (evenings).

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