Medi 2005 September


We hope this month we are back on track with monthly newspapers but Summer is always a busy time and it may well be the July/August edition will remain a combined one for the future.

Graham Hindley has been working extremely hard on the “Y Bont” website and we have an article about it in this months edition. Various ideas have been put forward as regards its use to benefit the community, so please read the article and put forward any ideas of your own.

Could the editors also remind everybody that this is a free voluntary paper, and firstly to keep going we need your support at the Bash on 17th September so please attend, secondly, we do not have the time to seek out stories and articles - if you want something published you need to submit it, our telepathic abilities are somewhat limited so if we do not know about something it will not appear. As busy people we also have to remember many other things, so a casual verbal mention will not necessarily result in something appearing - if you think it is important please give it to us in writing or in a specific ’phone call.

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