Medi 2005 September


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The site is coming along, slowly. We always wanted to put the printed issues on the web in a format which retains all the layout, advertisements, formatting, photographs, etc. This has been achieved using PDF files which are, however, much larger than other types of file used on the internet such as HTML. For those without ‘broadband’ connections it can take up to five minutes to download a PDF file, so it was decided to post all articles for each issue in HTML format as well. This means people can read all, or individual articles, which will download to their computer far more quickly, even on a ‘dial-up’ connection.

There is considerable work and time involved in preparing the files as well as creating the menu and site map each time an issue is posted on the site. Currently Issues 1 - 12 (October 2003 - September 2004) and Issues 21 and 22 (June 2005 and July/August 2005) have been posted.

Presently the web site is an archive site for the editions of the paper, however, it has been suggested the site could be used to promote the village and surrounding area and those who live, work and have businesses here. This would make it a ‘live’ site of interest and benefit to the whole community.

One suggestion is to promote other websites from Carrog and Parc by providing ‘links’ to them through the “Y Bont” site and that web site providing a reciprocal link. If you have a web site and are interested in this idea please get in touch. A one-line résumé of the site should be included for the link.

It has further been suggested “Y Bont” should also provide web space, at a small charge, for those who do not have a site of their own, or would like to simplify their present arrangements. Again, if you are interested please contact us directly.

Any other suggestions as to how to make best use of the site for the benefit of the community would be welcome. Please make any such suggestions as soon as possible to Ian Lebbon, Colin Roberts or Paul Fisher, (telephone numbers appear in every edition) or directly to the webmaster Graham Hindley. We cannot promise to use every suggestion but we do promise to examine them all seriously.

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