Medi 2005 September


Valmai Webb was the winner of the photo competition - being the first to name those pictured as left to right: David Nelson Jones, Tan Llan; Bob Bryan, Llan Farm; Idris Williams, Carrog Isa; Grenville Teague, Maes y Waen andTrevor (Esso) Jones, Dolwar. Valmai kindly donated the £5 prize to “Y Bont”.

This is the Sunday School in 1982 - do you recognise the people in the photograph?

Sunday School class and teacher 1982

Here are some clues (all of which have been in “Y Bont”) - the two girls on the left are sisters and one was married last year and one this year. The next little girl on the left recently made her parents grandparents again. The handsome young man has a problem these days with the time it takes to climb mountains and next left is his sister. The other two young ladies have left the Village. The Sunday School teacher is Mrs Scott.

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