Medi 2005 September


The Summer Fayre raised £549.65p this year. The sum of £950 was distributed between the following organisations within the village:

Village Hall - £250.00
“Y Bont” - £200.00
Over 60‘s - £100.00
Church - £100.00
Baptist Chapel - £50.00
Methodist Chapel - £50.00
School - £50.00
Youth Club - £50.00
Snooker Club - £50.00
Eisteddfod - £50.00

The Summer Fayre committee would like to thank everyone for their help and support.
Nia Roberts.

This is Nia’s last year on the Carnival committee and we should like to thank her for her hard work and dedication in organising the Summer Fayre/Carnival over the last few years. The event has been highly successful at raising money for organisations within our community and giving them much needed financial assistance.

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