Medi 2005 September


Captains Log stardate 10.06.2005 1245 hrs

The Voyage continues..........

The opposing teams’ expedition crew emerged from the blaze of sunshine emanating from summit station Wyddfa, and in a flash were gone in a blaze of high carbon, oil and rubber emissions. Their fleet was far more nimble than the Millennium Falcon and the Cargo Vessel Mercedes, their pilots younger but could they match the experience of the mission veterans?

A drone was despatched from the Millennium Falcon to search for its explorers, and returned without making contact. The ground crew had retired to take on nourishment (2 had retired full stop). Base station Wyddfa did not have protein pills or high-energy carbohydrates, so a cup of PG and a biccy was the closest acceptable substitute. The drone was despatched a second time no contact. A third time - at last - Contact at 1330 hrs!

The Millennium Falcon crew swapped driver for navigator, now Navigator Roberts JR was in charge of the ol’ girl. The explorers were loaded, full thrust applied to the forward transmission and away. Almost immediately Nav. Roberts JR applied full hydraulic pressure to stop forward movement to avoid flattening an aged explorer from another system, who had considered it prudent to stand along side his ship, (hired from Saga Holidays) and was contemplating an expedition to the watering station.

The Millennium Falcon raised a loud alarm, the expedition crew ejected questionable expletives out of the open ventilation hatches, the obstruction cleared. Forward thrust applied and away, warp factor 70. Capt. Fisher followed on with the Cargo Vessel Mercedes, but was soon lost, as the Millennium Falcon was a nimble beast at this point in time. Visual contact was re-established and away again.

Explorer Lebbon made contact with the navigator of the Falcon, to warn of spies in the sky and that the warp factor of the Falcon could be too high. Under protest, Nav. Roberts JR released the pressure on the forward thrusters. The crew of Cargo Vessel Mercedes chuckled as they sailed past the Falcon.

Dodging and weaving for 2.5 hours on the interpeak highway lead to a change in cabin crew for the Falcon, as Capt. Lee needed to take charge of his beloved Falcon over the most treacherous leg of the mission. Teeth marks in the upholstery of the Falcon led Nav. Roberts JR to think that maybe his piloting skills left a great deal to be desired, and that his challenge to a female Land Rover driver may have proved too much for the crew.

Capt. Lee skilfully approached base station Pike over the vertical single-track highway with the Cargo Vessel Mercedes close behind. The nimble Falcon ascended the vertical challenge with ease. Meanwhile the vessel Mercedes had to deploy touchy feely tactics as the vessel was wider than the highway. The crew of the Falcon chuckled heartily as Capt. Fisher muttered and protested his way up the mini peak, trying his best not to ground the vessel or drop it into the valley bellow.

Capt. Lee asked his navigator, “Left thrust?” - “No Captain, maintain forward thrust”, was the answer. The Cargo Vessel Mercedes followed precariously, senior Navigator Sheasby was disagreeing with Nav. Roberts’ decision. Unbeknown to Nav. Sheasby, Nav. Roberts had the situation in hand and was looking for a left turning after a Cow land mark... No Cow, secretly, Nav. Roberts was beginning to doubt his own decision but carried on. The Explorers began to question Nav. Roberts’ decisions and demanded to know how the decision to follow this route was taken. Nav. Roberts explained reluctantly that he was looking for a Cow. Several expletives later and a chuckle or 3, Nav. Roberts took Nav. Sheasbys advice and instructed his captain to rotate the Falcon through 180 degrees and take the left which is now right. Nav. Roberts fell silent for the remainder of this leg of the mission, afraid of ridicule and reprisal.

Both the Millennium Falcon and the Cargo Vessel Mercedes deployed their explorers at base camp Pike, One of the oppositions fleet was strategically placed at base camp pike ready for a quick get away. The other, apparently, was in a ditch.

The veteran crew had a plan more cunning they thought than the opposition. The Falcon and the cargo vessel set off around the mountain to collect the explorers from the other side a quicker route to base station Nevis, ... they thought...

To be continued...

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