October 2005


“Y Bont” Year End Figures

Sept 2004 to August 2005

Donations Received 749.00  
Advertisements 450.00  
Welsh Language Board 105.00  
Bont Bash 2004 312.00  
Corwen Town Council 75.00  
Tsunami Appeal 748.27  
Cash Held In Trust 100.00  
Misc 17.50  
Total   2,556.77
Printing 784.95  
Carrog Hall Use 25.00  
Donation 26.73  
Tsunami Appeal 784.27  
Return of Cash in Trust 100.00  
Total   1684.95

Balance for 1st Sept 2005


If you have any questions regarding the above figures please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to clarify. This years Bont bash is not included as it was held in the next financial Year, but it raised 195.00 for the Bont funds.

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