Tachwedd 2005 November


As you may have noticed in the last edition we have started to try and list events which are often several months away as well as events in the coming month. We hope this allows you to plan ahead and brings better attendance to those events.

However, we can only put in “Y Bont” the events we are aware of - so please, if you are running events or know of any which may be of interest, even several months in the future, please do let us know.

Petty vandalism continues to concern the Village and particularly the Village Hall. This is particularly strange as the Village Hall is common property, effectively belonging to every person in Carrog and Parc and money and time spent putting things right effectively deprives everyone of money that could be used for other things to benefit the community. It is understandable that for a variety of reasons witnesses to such crime may be unwilling to report matters to the police but this month we have an article on Crimestoppers, a charity dedicated to allowing people to anonymously report crimes. The telephone call is free of charge and no record is made of the number calling and people are not asked for any details which would identify them. Strangely, however, it is still possible to anonymously receive awards where information leads to a prosecution.

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