Tachwedd 2005 November


Reporting crime can be a daunting task - not being sure if what we have seen or heard is truly relevant and whether we may be victimised for reporting it. However there is a safe and easy way that has in fact been aroung for a decade - Crimestoppers.

The charity runs a 24 hour free telephone line where people can anonymously report crime. Call centre staff will not ask the caller for any personal details and the callers ’phone number is not recorded or displayed. They may, however, ask the name of the village or area to identify where the crime happened.

If the information leads to a conviction it is also possible to claim a reward without revealing your identity.

Crimestoppers themselves say, “We are an independant charity working to stop crime. We are not part of the police service or any branch of government. We work for you, your family and your community”.

Crimestoppers Wales have had considerable success in helping to solve crimes and this, they hope, will also help to reduce crime.

The Crimestoppers Helpline is 0800 555 111. Further details can also be found on the web at

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