Tachwedd 2005 November


On the 26th of October we had a most enjoyable evening talk given by Mr. Gareth V. Williams of Wrexham. His subject was the Ellesmere Canal and the building of the remarkable aqueduct at Chirk by Thomas Telford - the young architect and engineer who was responsible for the building of the Holyhead Road among many other things.

The Ladies of Llangollen opened the aqueduct two hundred years ago in 1805 - close to the time of the Battle of Trafalgar.

Mr. Williams made us appreciate what an amazing piece of engineering genius that Mr. Telford. achieved The project was started in the 1790s at a time when life was hard for most people, the only means of transport being on foot or by horse and mechanical help of all kind was far in the future. As per usual, when people come to Carrog for the first time, Mr. Williams commented on our lovely village hall, so warm and comfortable, and so also made us appreciate how lucky we are.

Our next meeting will be in Cynwyd November 22nd when Mrs. Kathleen Webb will be talking about the Llangwyfan Hospital and on January 24th we will be back in Carrog when Miss. Jane Brunning will be telling us about the Denbighshire Court Rolls during the last decade of the eighteenth century.

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