Tachwedd 2005 November


Long ago she had been quite a beauty; the belle of the ball, some would say.
But she’d never encountered a suitable “beau”
And was still unattached to this day.
She’d dozens of nieces and nephews, and always had plenty to do.
But persuaded by friends, and only for fun, she’d agreed to the “rendezvous”.

As a young man he’d no time for leisure, his energies went into toil.
His rewards and indeed all his pleasure was seeing the return from his soil.
Now older and wiser and lonely, and wanting someone in his life,
The Farmers Weekly Personal Ads seemed a good way of finding a wife.

She looked in the mirror and studied herself;
Considering what she should wear.
Appearances, she thought, were vital,
So her outfit was chosen with care.

He had an old suit that he’d bought years ago
And a shiny old corduroy jacket.
But he chose the blue blazer and grey flannel slacks,
Though he didn’t think what he wore mattered.

She dreamt of a farmhouse with oak beams and Aga,
Chintz curtains, log fires in each room.
Her one bedroom flat, though quite smart, was still lonely;
Her departure could not come too soon.

He relished the thought of a housekeeper,
And someone to warm up his bed.
“As a wife she’d be bound to be cheaper
Than hired help”, he cunningly said.

So, the day had arrived, there was no going back,
And she trembled to think about fate; as
She hopped in the taxi she thought “this could lead to
A change in my Marital Status ”.

He looked at the clock as he hurriedly passed
And he thought that if things went OK
And it didn’t take long, he’d be back in an hour,
To give those bullocks some hay.


Who can tell how it went - perhaps a fly on the wall?
Was it doomed from the start one might wonder?
For he looked quite sheepish on leaving the place,
And her face was darker than thunder!

Not a word will she utter if quizzed, and of love
She’s been put off, there’s no use denying.
But not so for him with the leathery skin
Cos I know for a fact he’s still trying!!.

Annie Yaxley

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