2006 January


Dear all at “Y Bont”

Thanks for printing the picture of the gates in Corwen. The Countryside Service manages the woodland in the back of the picture, Pen y Pigyn, and it was extremely interesting to see it without trees at the base, like it is now.

I’m afraid I’m not old enough to remember them but I recognise the location. It’s the lane that goes straight up behind the post office.

I would like to take this opportunity to say it is a shame that they have gone. They look so impressive in the picture. I suppose it must have been for houses. I suspect Corwen was very proud of them.

On closer refection I believe the gates show the boundary of the Rhg estate. They own the woodland and it may be seen as a gateway to it. The mention of the Wynn family helps to add strength to this - Wynn is the family name of the Rhg Estate owners.

It may also have a connection to the monument and Gorsedd Circle in the woodland.

Samantha Williams


Dear Editor

Following the recent success of the 40s evening, those who danced (and those who didn’t but thought that it looked like fun) might be interested to know that North East Wales Dance are running a 10-week beginner course in Jiving Lindy Hop, starting Tuesday 17 January 2006. The classes are held from 7 to 8 p.m. in The Pavilion (01978 869456). It would be great to revive the tradition of social partner dancing in Carrog - imagine the dance floor full at every function!

Sarah Smith


Dear Editor,

Thanks to all the members of the community who supported the school’s Christmas activities - Carols around the Christmas Tree, the School Concert and the Christingle Service. Your support is very much appreciated by the staff and children.

Denbighshire County Council is looking closely at the links that the school has with it’s community - this is very high on the list of criteria which are used in determining whether a rural school such as ours is kept open.

We look forward to continuing our community activities in 2006 and hope for the same support

Bronwen Lebbon.
Carrog School.

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