2006 February


Our Ruthin correspondent, Nia Morris, has now shed more light on the matter. In her research she discovered a report of the inquest in the Cambrian News and Farmers Gazette for February 4th. 1910.

“Mr. Guthrie Jones, Coroner stated that the deceased was a clergyman, formerly holding a Staffordshire living, but who had retired and taken up residence in the Corwen area. Deceased was eighty years of age. On Saturday his son had cut his head seriously while skating and his father had set out to walk to Corwen to obtain medical assistance, the weather being cold and wintry. His body was found by Robert Jones of Corwen, lying dead on the snow on the road near Rhagatt and was taken home. Dr. Edwards of Corwen said that death was due to syncope accelerated by shock and the jury returned a verdict to that effect.”

Recent complaints about the cold 2006 January should be read in conjunction with the above!

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