2006 February

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Our friends from Plouyé are arriving for a four day visit on Thursday 25 May. It is proposed to restore the garden in front of the Village Hall as Plouyé Corner, in much the same way as a Carrog Corner exists there. It is hoped that the garden will be ready for opening at the welcoming ceremony.

The plan is for the layout to remain essentially as it is at the moment as a tribute to the work of Grenville Teague, with the possible addition of seating and fencing. Many of the present plants are overgrown or need replacing, so donations of any plants or cuttings, particularly perennials, would be very welcome.

If any member of the community can help in any way - perhaps by sponsoring a plant tub, a hanging basket or a bench, the making of a plaque to name the area, supplying a short length of picket fencing, a bag of compost or slate chippings - or if you are willing to offer an hour or two’s labour please contact 430625 or 430644.

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