2006 February


You’ve seen it in the Dailys and
The shops know that it’s all the rage
Sudoku books are everywhere,
With ranges to suit every age.

The Cryptic and the Easy Clues
Have had a drastic drop in sales.
Usurped by this numerical craze
(Sutydychi as it’s known in Wales!)

The rules are simple - fill the squares,
The columns and the lines across
With 1 - 9, but don’t repeat them.
My poor brain is at a loss!!

It’s only logic, so they say.
Of logic, I don’t have a lot.
I’m seeing numbers everywhere
I think I’ve finally lost the plot!!

Oh, bring me back my faithful crossword,
Let me doodle on my pad.
I’d much prefer an anagram
Than run the risk of going mad!!

Annie Yaxley

© Copyright “Y Bont” unless otherwise indicated / Hawlffraint “Y Bont” oni nodir yn wahanol.