2006 February


Since being elected to Denbighshire County Council eighteen months ago, I would like to explain the role I play as your Councillor.

For the first six months it was a very steep learning curve for me trying to learn how the Council works. The committees I sit on are Planning, and Life Long Learning scrutiny committee which looks after education, culture and leisure, and of course the Full Council.

Being a County Councillor there are many more meetings I attend, like:

Crime and Disorder, South Denbighshire Partnership, Community Council and many more.

What I’ve learnt since being a Councillor is that you’ve got to fight your corner if you want to achieve anything. You can all remember school closures last year and I fought hard (as you all did) in trying to keep Carrog and Glyndyfrdwy schools open It will all start again soon, but I’ll keep the heads informed of what I know.

Other matters are the policing of the area which I bring up in the Crime and Disorder meetings.

Planning Committee is a different matter because there are planning laws, and if these are met then there is nothing I can do or say that will change the outcome, but in most cases planning officers will ask the local member for their opinion.

Many people at County ask me if I hold a surgery for people to come and bring their complaints to me, and my answer is yes, six days a week when I do the milk round.

May I take this opportunity to tell you that if you want to register a complaint, you can phone Denbighshire’s help desk on 01824 706555, you will get an enquiry number and your complaint should be seen to. If NOT then that’s the time to see me so I can follow up your complaint.

I have two and a half years left to serve you and I can assure you that I will be doing my best as I’ve done for the past eighteen months.


Nigel Roberts.

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