2006 March


On Monday 20th February more damage was caused to Carrog Bridge when a Danish registered articulated lorry attempted to traverse it. Firstly it became jammed when approaching the Bridge from the Village side, knocking chunks off the capping stones and dislodging one. After several attempts it proceeded across the Bridge only to repeat the same damage on the Parc side. It is of little comfort to residents to know that the strengh of the Bridge caused considerable damage to the trailer section of the wagon. Registration and other identifying marks have been passed to the County Council.

In “Y Bont” we have continually campaigned for a reduction in weight on the Bridge, because this is related to length and width, but the real issue is length. Apparently there is no regulation which can be imposed restricting length. We therefore return to the problem of weight.

Although copies of the December issue were sent to Ian Miller, the County Council appear to have taken no notice of concerns in our community. Damage to the Bridge eventually results in closure and considerable inconvenience to residents of Parc and Carrog who have to endure a long detour. If a closure should happen during flooding, which always affects both the A5 and Corwen Bridge, the only access to the Village could well be only from Glyndyfrdwy or the Rhaggat Road via the Ruthin or Chester Roads.

In Glyndyfrdwy a campaign regarding the bridge resulted in the demolition of a cast iron Victorian Bridge being replaced by the modern one. In Corwen the bridge was also demolished and replaced. Public opinion would suggest this is not the solution for Carrog.

Calls for better signs, warning large vehicles of the restricted width and access to the Bridge have often been called for, but these pleas have also been ignored.

If anyone does see a large vehicle stuck on the bridge please record the details and if possible take a photograph!

An undated picture of Carrog Bridge before the days of heavy wagons

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