2006 April


It seems increasingly likely that charges for parking in Corwen will be imposed by the County Council. Legislation passed in 1996 allows for car parking charges to be levied, but Corwen and other towns had a levy of zero pence applied at the time.

The proposal to standardise parking charges across the county was included in the budget proposals for 2006 and passed at a full Council meeting.

The proposals included Corwen with a number of other towns in Denbighshire making it impossible to now separate out any individual Town from the standardisation of parking charges.

However, the Community Council is totally opposed to this charge and has asked for a meeting with the County Council to discuss the implications, especially in view of the fact that there is an almost complete lack of alternative parking. As a result the County Council are now meeting with the Community Council and Business Community in Corwen on Thursday 27th April 2006 and no charges will be applied until after this meeting.

Feelings are running very strongly in the area and have resulted in one protest so far, which caused disruption to traffic on the A5

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