2006 April


The change in Licensing Laws has resulted in a new application having to be made for the Village Hall. The Licensing Act 2003 requires a licence to be issued for regulated entertainment - plays, films, indoor sporting events, live and recorded music, performances of dance and anything of a similar description: the provision of entertainment facilities - the making of music, dancing and anything of a similar description: the provision of late night refreshment - suppers, etc: and the supply of alcohol. All events held in the hall from children’s school concerts to church fetes require to be licensed even if no alcohol is to be served. It is not anticipated that the Village Hall will be in use for very many more events than at present (currently about 12 late nights per year) but we have had to word the licence to be as flexible as possible to allow for events such as Carols round the Christmas Tree, Carrog Carnival or private parties. Under the requirements of the Act, a holder of a personal licence has to be designated personal supervisor for the supply of alcohol, and we are indebted to Sarah Kenrick for agreeing to take on this role.

The application has involved considerable hard work and a lot of time by the Chairman and Secretary of the Village Hall with the final result being 8 envelopes each containing 30 pages!

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