2006 May

HEALTH MATTERS April 2006 by Dr Ian Williams


Sorting the wheat from the chaff before the rumour mill has time to process it and add chemicals and more bad stuff.

Some amazing rumours around this month! As well as the old chestnut that I am supposed to be leaving to become a painter and decorator, apparently it is being said that doctors (not sure if this means Corwen doctors specifically) are paid large sums of cash each month by the pharmaceutical companies as an incentive to prescribe specific drugs.

Hmmmm.... I’m afraid you’ve got it wrong. Pharmaceutical reps give out cheap plastic pens and post it notes in an attempt to persuade doctors to prescribe their products, not envelopes full of cash. As a matter of fact at the surgery we have a policy of not seeing pharmaceutical company reps and try to avoid educational events that are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.


As reported in the last newsletter, the surgery is making another bid for rights to dispense medicines to some patients (those who live more than a mile from the town centre).

This would bring the surgery in line with its neighbouring practices in Ruthin, Denbigh, Cerrigydrudion, Betws Y Coed and Bala. The reason we are applying now is that the government in England has barred any new applications and the W.A are thinking along the same lines, so it is now or never!

Things are in the early stages and negotiations will take some time, however we feel that this will benefit our patients and safeguard the future of the surgery in Corwen.


The initial meeting to discuss the setting up of a patient participation group, run by the community in liaison with the surgery, was held in the pavilion on Monday 27th of March.

Attendance was not overwhelming. 14 people turned out. I gave a short presentation on the idea of a PPG and then there was some discussion.

It is hoped that such a group would act as a two way channel for information and influence with regard to the development of primary and community care in Corwen. It would be run by patients, not by the surgery. Such a group could organise educational events and meetings, publish a news letter or help found self help groups. There must be lots of people in the community with expertise, energy or time who could get involved.

A second meeting, to form a committee was held at the Healthy Living Centre on Monday 10th April. (See article on the front page).

If you have any questions please ’phone me, Dr Williams, at the surgery.

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