2006 June


Carrog School has received yet another glowing Estyn Report. The Inspectors praised the way in which bilingualism was very well integrated into the life of the school and that the pupils’ bilingual competence was outstanding in Early Years and Key stage 1 and good in Key stage 2.

They noted that all pupils were well motivated and showed an excellent level of enthusiasm for their school and related activities. Pupils behaviour and attitude towards their work were described as exemplary and an outstanding features of the school.

Half of the lessons seen by the Inspectors contained outstanding teaching , which included tasks closely matched to pupils’ ability and stimulated learning through a rich variety of positive learning experiences. Teachers’ use of praise and encouragement helps to raise pupils’ self esteem and confidence.

The school was praised for the close links with the community and for providing the cohesiveness which enables it to flourish. They acknowledged that Carrog School is at the heart of the community and that all parents are proud of their village school and in what it provides for succeeding generations of their children. The ethos and the sense of wellbeing that prevail are well valued by all. Pupils say they enjoy all aspects of school life and feel valued as individuals whatever their ability or cultural background.

The Inspectors commented on the excellent behaviour at playtime and were impressed by the use of playground games and equipment which help to channel their energy throughout the day. They saw pupils and Staff working well together which ensured harmony throughout the school day.

The school Governors make an excellent contribution to the running of the school guided by a very experienced Headteacher, a hard working Deputy and other committed Staff. The School has definite aims and values that are clearly understood by Staff and Governors whose aim is the care of pupils and an equality of opportunity for all. The Inspectors commented on the good quality of the accommodation which is very well used by the teachers. They were impressed with the outdoor areas including the secure play area for the Under Fives and the Millennium Garden. They noted the very good use of the Village Hall throughout the year for physical education, concerts, drama and dance workshops, and community linked activities.

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