2006 June


The Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 15th May with the Agenda including reports from the Chairman and Treasurer and the election of Officers.

Chairman’s report:
The Outgoing Chairman began by stating that he had been asked to do the job for twelve months and eight years later found himself still in office. He was pleased to report that the hall was now on a firmer financial footing, with bookings up and extra funding being found. There was still a problem with minor vandalism and graffiti. The garden was being recreated outside, another volunteer activity from the village with a work party due to complete the work the following weekend.

Treasurer’s Report:
To the year ending 31/03/06. Total income for the year was £6,791.43 with expenditure being slightly less at £6,682. Heating oil was now the highest item of expenditure at £1,856.50 and with current trends this sum will likely increase further.
Funds held at the above date amount to:
Main account £4,549.06.
Building Account £30.25 this represents an increase £108.58 on funds held at 31/03/05.
The Treasurer pointed out that £800 had been received from the Village Hall Lottery after the year end but had been collected during the year ending 31/03/06 so should be included in the overall figures. This means the lottery raised £1300 during the year, making the year end difference £908.58.

Election of Officers:
The following officers were elected:
Chair - Paul Fisher
Vice Chair - Jayne Knight.
Secretary - Janice Sheasby
Assistant Secretary - Valmai Webb
Treasurer - Colin Roberts
Booking officer - Nia Roberts

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