2006 June


A few mistakes last month in the type setting:

In Len Weston’s obituary I managed to call Joyce, Marjorie. Strange as I do not know any Marjories and I have known Joyce for years. This caused my wife to change 350 copies by hand. When someone pointed out she had not changed the Welsh edition she did suggest they might like to do it themselves.

Well, that was a summary of what she said.

Somewhere in between the typing and the setting of Gareth’s ‘Wellies and Wheelbarrows’ I lost Dan ‘The Grouse’ in Gareth’s thanks for help. Apologies Dan. This was also strange as I distinctly remember typing this bit in.

Then to cap it all I changed the Twinning arrangements in the Diary section, but not in the article, causing my long suffering wife to have to insert 350 addendums

I won’t even summarise what she said.

It may, however, be catching. An email from our twinned village of Plouyé referred to one of our lady visitors as Virginie causing considerable consternation as her name is Valerie.

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