2006 June


Driving through Corwen one fine day, where the speed limit’s 30 - no more!
Our Nellie’s mind was far away and certainly not on the law!

The speedo clocked up 35, but Nellie hadn’t thought
That she was overdoing it, the day that she got caught.

Twas sixty quid to pay in fines; three penalty points to boot!
The poor dear was so overcome she blushed right to her roots!

But everybody’s human and is therefore bound to err,
And having learned her lesson she’ll be sure to take more care.

The moral of this story, like the tortoise and the hare,
Is take your time, arrive alive, you’re certain to get there.

And if the traffic builds up in a slowly moving line ........
You’ll be behind our Nellie, doing a steady 29!!

Annie Yaxley

© Copyright “Y Bont” unless otherwise indicated / Hawlffraint “Y Bont” oni nodir yn wahanol.