2006 July/August


We are learning Welsh and are looking for opportunities to practice.
Is there anyone Welsh in the village who is willing to have a chat with us about once a fortnight?
Day time or evening, in your house or ours, whichever is better for you.
Phone 430 551 if you want to help us.
Thank you very much

Fiona and Ed


I have finally completed my education this month by completing my degree in Early Childhood Studies (Hooray!). I’m now beginning to look for a full time job whilst still continuing to work full time at the Grouse over the summer. I’m aiming to work with young children and families, so fingers crossed I’ll find a suitable job and will soon be putting my three years of studying into practice in the near future.




Paul and Christine should like to thank everybody who assisted with accommodation during the Eisteddfod for the Breton and Manx Groups. It was a considerable achievement that Carrog were able to to find beds for 50 visitors and both groups expressed their considerable gratitude and obviously very much enjoyed their time with us.



We have returned to Carrog knowing that it was not us but our Blue Metro who travelled the twenty thousand miles from the fjords of Norway to the cliffs of Croatia.

It was not us who crooned Sinatra over the Spanish highways and promptly got sick when tuned to a guitar, who guided us to places, stopped when we didn’t want to stop, left when we didn’t want to leave.

But it is we who relish the attempt to make live our experiences, to enliven by detail and thus to pass on some hint of the events. Yet words trying to be bigger than themselves are first to discard the truth and in some way that is precisely what we want. We would like to drop a jaw in wonder and if from that oval a flower of a ‘wow’ or an ‘ooh’ would bloom then we believe we would be content.

But no! Words must be small, must be simple, they should not be over dressed, nor manipulate nor dictate.

If I were to draw a circle to represent the world - that would be accurate, but if I were to draw on a sheet of paper all its rivers, streets and animals to a scale of 1:10 that would be a distortion.

When we talk to our friends we are human, we try to draw the most accurate maps. But what kind of line do you use to represent an emotion a feeling a passing glimpse a love for this world that has often bubbled from sordid springs?

We are in a house in Wales whose green grass is visited by lambs and having drawn a circle around Europe our Metro is home.

Karl Young



May I take this opportunity to thank everyone for the get well cards, gifts, flowers, ’phone calls and visits received during my recent stay in hospital. They were all very much appreciated .

Diolch o galon,

Tina Lloyd, Penarth.

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