2006 September


Oh - how some vehicles travel,
Faster than the speed of light!
Through our little village,
By both day and night.

My ‘trek’ each morning with my hound
Is fraught with dangers that abound,
From speeding vehicles flying past,
As if ‘Old Nick’ is up their a--e!

No ‘speed ramps’ here, nor cameras either,
Nought to deter the errant driver.
Restriction Signs - they’d just ignore
Maybe we need something more.

‘Sleeping policemen’ on the ground
Dangerous speeders would confound!
All we say is “Please slow down,
When passing through our little town”.

For all our sakes, please drive with care,
Pedestrians the road must share!
The consequence could be severe,
Injury or death could happen here!


© Copyright “Y Bont” unless otherwise indicated / Hawlffraint “Y Bont” oni nodir yn wahanol.