2006 October


THREE YEARS OLD but we are late again! Every month we think we have everything ready for a 1st of the month publication but then various things conspire to delay and we are once more delivering mid month. One of the problems is copy for the edition arriving either at the last minute or not at all and we therefore delay sending the files to the printers. Could we please remind all contributors that if we are to publish on time we really do need articles, news, etc. by no later than 20th of the month.

Three years is quite an achievement for a community newspaper run by volunteers but we do rely upon our readers to contribute articles, letters, photos and diary events.

A number of people asked about the funny symbol at the top of last months edition - it is in fact the ‘Awards for All Wales’ symbol. The organisation who gave us the grant for the camera, computer, software and printer and for the training courses.

On the 21st October we will again have the “Y Bont” Bash and we would again remind everyone that our grant money cannot be used for the running costs of “Y Bont” so we really need your support. There will be a formal presentation of the grant cheque at this years Bash.

As a reminder of those early days we have reproduced the original front page from the very first edition.

Next month should bring the long awaited return of ‘Wellies and Wheelbarrows’ and we are promised a bumper article.

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