2006 November


Mrs. Valmai Webb identified my sister Olwen.

Her surname is Williams. My brother’s name is Trevor, and my mother was Betty.

Our father Hugh (Hughie) was the gamekeeper. We lived, as Mrs. Webb says, in Ty Cynnes. I went to ballet classes for a while with her daughter Elspeth, I used to wait for Mrs. Webb to pick me up by the milk churn on a concrete platform opposite the Smithy.

My grandfather Sam Williams lived in Erw Dala. He was also a gamekeeper, as was his father. My Great Uncle Llew (Llewelyn of course) Williams lived at Ty Gwyn, and he was station master at one time, though before I knew him. My great uncle Tegid lived way up the hill on the main road that goes across the top there. He was a great dog trainer.

I had other great uncles (the family had about 12 boys and one girl I think) but they were the ones who lived locally.

Sam William’s first wife (my grandmother) died young at 32 of TB. They lived at that time in ... I forget the name of the cottage, it is between Carrog and Corwen on the back road up on the hillside. Owain Glyndwr was supposed to have hidden in the ivy there. He must have done an awful lot of hiding in ivy.

Sam married again and had a ‘second brood’. His daughter Jean married Glyn ? another Williams or maybe Roberts ? and they ran the milk bar in Corwen for a number of years.

When his mother died, his Dad Sam was still incapacitated from WW1 and my Dad as the eldest remembers looking after his two younger brothers and taking them to school. He used to make sure their knees were clean, mainly! One day they walked to school through the brook, and thought their ‘crime’ undetected till they left wet footprints all through the schoolroom - their boots were full of water.

It is a pity that generation is all dead, not least because they would have loved to fill you in on some old stories of Carrog. My dad and his brother my uncle Vaughan were great storytellers, full of humour. My Uncle Vaughan once put a corncrake in the school piano! The youngest brother was Sam, and they had a sister who died at 13 months.

I live in Perth, Western Australia.

I visited Carrog a few years ago with my husband and two boys. They were astounded at its beauty. I was too, I thought maybe I had built it up in imagination in my years of absence, but it was even more beautiful than I remembered. It might have been on that same holiday that I met up with my Carrog School best friend Elin Robson from Ty Canol.

I found “Y Bont” on the web, and look forward to each edition. Keep up the good work!


Di Jacoby.

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