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2006 May

* Ram Raid & Arson Obituaries Village Hall Grant
Crossing the Bridge International Eisteddfod Rebecca Scott
Corwen Patients Group Joan “The Grouse” “Y Bont” Appeal
Twinning/Plouyé Wellies & Wheelbarrows Edeyrnion Historical Society
* Llangollen Railway * Erfyl & Catherine Williams Carrog School
Diary Lottery Winners Stop Press


In the early hours of Easter Monday a double attack was carried out on property in Parc and Carrog. The Parc Service Station Shop was subjected to a ram raid which resulted in considerable damage to the front of the shop, which was far greater than the value of chewing gum and Easter Eggs stolen by the raiders. The same people then made their way through Carrog where they set fire to Eileen Williams’ car after apparently being frustrated in their attempt to steal it.

Damage to another vehicle parked alongside was prevented when Eileen awoke to find the fire in her own car taking hold and roused Colin Roberts who was able to move his vehicle before it also became engulfed.

The fire brigade turned out and extinguished the blaze but as our pictures show the car was totally destroyed.

It is believed two men from Wrexham have been arrested for both offences but it has not been possible to confirm this with the police.

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It is with sadness we report the following deaths:


Len Weston of Maes y Llan who died on Sunday 30th April. Len, until last year, was a regular visitor to the Grouse and will be sadly missed by friends. He leaves wife Joyce and family.

A memorial service was held at Llansantffraid (Carrog Church) on Wednesday 10th May before a service at the crematorium


Alf Hughes, formerly of Glandwr, Carrog and recently of Aups, Provence in France who died on Monday 1st May after a lengthy period of illness. He leaves wife Deanne.

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For the second time Carrog has benefited from a grant from Awards for All Wales for which we are extremely grateful. The grant has been awarded for new chairs, additional tables and garden furniture. These will be ordered shortly so we can all look forward to sitting more comfortably.

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Our best wishes to Ian, Nia and Angharad who have now crossed the Bridge to live in their new home.

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This year Carrog is hosting two groups - a total of over fifty people - Manx and Breton. We still need accommodation for which payment will be made, so if you can help please contact Paul or Christine on 430397.

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To Ben and Sarah Scott on the birth of their daughter Rebecca (6 lbs. 6 ozs.) and of course to Grandparents and Aunties and Uncles.

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A proposal to set up a Patient Participation Group resulted in an initial meeting at the Healthy Living Centre, Corwen at the beginning of April. Groups formed in other areas of the UK have become involved in fund-raising for local health requirements and community support for project developments - such as new surgery facilities. It is hoped that representatives from all areas of the community will become involved, and once established would be self sufficient and independent of the local surgery. The main aims would be liaison between the community and the surgery in the form of newsletters, education groups, art in surgery, patient surveys and group notice boards, with possibly a library for various self help groups. Greater understanding between the surgery and community could help to dispel some of the myths and provide constructive criticism, whilst the two way dialogue would result in information gathering by both sides to improve primary health services in the area. Local community groups and organisations are to be approached to gauge interest and it is hoped a further meeting will be held later in the year.

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Alan, Gill and family would like to thank friends and neighbours for their kindness and messages of sympathy received on the sad loss of Joan. She will be greatly missed by all.

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Sorry but it is that time of the year again! The grant we received was for very specific purposes and cannot be used for the running costs of the newspaper - currently on average £80 per month. So we will again be approaching our sponsors to contribute for another year. If you have sponsored us in the past - please do so again. If you have not done so please consider taking up sponsorship, £50 brings a years advertising and the knowledge you have done something worthwhile for our community.

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At lambing time every sheep farmer whether they be Welsh, Scottish, Irish or English don their waterproofs when the first lamb arrives and don’t seem to take them off for weeks on end and things are no different at the Llan.

I’ve spent the last month trying to keep as many lambs as possible alive and in spite of the combined efforts of some bloody minded sheep and mother nature to put me in the workhouse, we appear to have had quite a successful time. Barring the odd thrown muck fork (and tantrums) and the nightly ravings at mis-mothering ewes in the sheds, everything went according to plan - that at least is my story and I am sticking to it.

As usual part of the success of the lambing in the Llan is down to the many people in the Village who let me know when something is wrong, so thanks very much to everyone who ’phoned up or called at the house. A special thanks to Alun Rhyd Ornen Isaf who jumped off the the school minibus and ran over to tell me that a new born lamb was stuck down the bank in the Dorlas. I was very grateful especially as when I initially saw then running towards me I thought I was about to be mugged.

No matter how hard the lambing period has been, as the weather warms up and the grass starts to grow and the lambs start to play in the fields, all the previous hardships are forgotten. That is unless you happen to have lambs like mine that seem to prefer to graze the roadside and then when when I try to get them back in the field they can’t find the way they got out in the first place!

With the lambing all but over and the ground drying up I decided to get on and spread the muck heap before the muck heap spread itself onto the road. Every year, through what I would call wear and tear, and my father would call abuse, a couple of tines on the loader tend to get bent out of shape and this year was no exception. This in itself presented no problem, I removed the first tine and heated it until it was red hot, then straightened it on the anvil, then replaced it in its slot on the loader. I then removed the next tine and started to heat that. The burning smell didn’t register with me immediately. However, when it did and I looked over my shoulder I had a bit of a shock to see the front end loader going up in smoke. The hot tine had set fire to some old hay and muck at the back of the loader which in turn had set the oil and grease, which had built up over the last forty years, to smoulder. After a brief moment of panic some bad language and a mad dash to get a bucket of water, the fire was extinguished and no lasting damage was incurred.

When I finally got around to spreading the muck, things went smoothly although there are two new holes in the side of the muck spreader where my foot slipped off the clutch at an inopportune moment. Arwel Bach once told me, ‘There are tractor drivers and there are screw drivers’, although I was never quite sure what he meant by that, I am pretty certain that I’m in the latter category and it was not intended as a compliment to my driving skills.

Now that the sheep have passed their major headache

inducing season, it’s the turn of the cows to have some fun at my expense. With hay reserves running low I decided to turn a small bunch of calves out to Cae Dan Ty (a nice lush green field). After five months inside they went mad and I watched them play and enjoy their new found freedom. Once they’d settled down and run out of stem I left them alone. Half an hour later when I returned they’d smashed the fence, forded the river and were happily trotting around my neighbours field. To be fair to them when I went to fetch them they came back without too much fuss. However, when after my best attempts at fence patching the next day they had repeated their feat, I decided enough was enough and I shifted them across the road to Cae Ysgol.

Everything was quiet for a few days. The sun was shining, the sheep were happy, the cows were happy and I was less grumpy than usual. Sadly the illusion of rural bliss was shattered when Tina ’phoned me to inform me that the calves were on the rampage and were doing their version of the tango in one of the gardens down Maes y Llan! Needless to say they have since been moved to another field where up to now they appear to be behaving themselves.

Gareth Llan
@ Copyright Gareth Bryan 2006

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We have a programme for 2006 which we think most will enjoy. On Tuesday 23rd May there is an evening field trip to the Trefor Basin and Pontcysyllte Aqueduct which we will cross in a boat. Gareth Vaughan Williams will be our guide and this will be followed by a meal at a Llangollen restaurant. Meet at the basin at 6.15 p.m.

On Wednesday 28th June we have an all day excursion to the Albert Dock in Liverpool where we can visit the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Liverpool Life, the Tate Gallery of Modern art and more. The coach will leave Corwen car Park promptly at 9.30 a.m and return approximately at 5.30 p.m.

It is essential to book for these events. Please contact Anne Jones, Plas Isaf Glyndyfrdwy, - Tel: 01490 430224.

Δ – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


The twinning weekend commences with the arrival of our visitors from PlouyÈ late on Thursday May 25th.

On Friday they will be taken on a trip over the Berwyns, lunching in Llanarmon D.C.

There will then be a concert at 3.00 p.m in the Village Hall to which everyone is invited. Entertainment will be provided by the pupils of Carrog School.

At 8.00 p.m. there will be the official reception in the Village Hall followed by a free concert with piano trio and local singers.

On Saturday the visitors will go to Llangollen and take a trip on the Canal (anyone wishing to join them should be on the wharf by 11.30 a.m). When they return they will be joining in the Parade from Carrog Station at 3.30 p.m. One of the Visitors will be opening the Carnival.

On Saturday evening there will be a hog roast and disco in the Village Hall. The visitors leave on Sunday morning.

The Twining Group will run the Tombola Stall at the Carnival and the raffle at the Hog Roast and also be responsible for the salads. If you can help practically, supply a prize or make a salad, please help by contacting Bronwen or any member of the Twinning/Carnival Committee.

Δ – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Restoration of the railway line from Llangollen started in 1975 when the Flint & Deeside Preservation Society - later to become Llangollen Railway Trust - took over the decrepit Llangollen station and a few yards of track; the plan was to eventually reach Corwen.

It was to be twenty one years before the trains again ran to Carrog. There was a grand opening on 2nd of May 1996. During this time eight miles of track were laid and the stations of Glyndyfrdwy and Carrog were restored.

On 2nd of May 2006 the tenth anniversary of the opening was celebrated with a train journey from Llangollen bringing invited guests to Carrog to enjoy a drink of Champagne and a piece of especially decorated cake made by a member of the trust. Now Carrog is the base for the final push to Corwen. This has mostly been achieved by the enthusiasm and skilled effort of volunteers from the Llangollen Railway Trust.

Δ – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Congratulations to Erfyl and Catherine, Ty Newydd on their Golden Wedding Anniversary on June 2nd.

Catherine (nee Owen) came to Carrog from Talsarnau near Harlech over fifty years ago to teach at the Primary School. She met Erfyl (Troed yr Allt) and they were married in Penrhyndeudraeth, settling at Ty Newydd. Congratulations from all family and friends.

Δ – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


All the children enjoyed a day at Llysfasi College. During the day they saw sheep shearing, dog handling and tree planting and were shown around by friendly students who told them about the courses available at the College.

Amber and Holly took part in the maths enrichment morning at Dinas Bran School, Llangollen with other pupils from the area.

The school band and recorder group are busy practising for the Urdd Eisteddfod in Ruthin. The first preliminary competition is at 7.45 a.m. which will mean an early start in order to get the instruments warmed up.

Alice, Amber, Cody, Chloe, Sioned and Oliver are busy practising their clog dance which will be part a ceremony in the Urdd Eisteddfod on Wednesday.

Δ – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Saturday 13th May - Carrog Church ‘Table Top Sale’ 10.00 a.m. in Corwen Square.

Thursday 25th May
8.00 p.m. Breton Visitors arrive - drinks in Grouse.

Friday 26th May
3.00 p.m. Free Concert in the Village Hall by Carrog School followed by Official reception.

Saturday 27th May
3.30 p.m. Carnival procession from Station to the Village Hall.
7.30 p.m. Hog Roast and Disco £5 adults accompanied children £3

Saturday 1st July
Clay Pigeon shoot and live band in evening

Saturday 8th July
Ceilidh (Caley) in the Village Hall - with the Manx and Breton musicians and dancers - details to follow

Every third Sunday in Month
From June, Llansantffraid (Carrog Church) will be starting family services again, with content to encourage children and young people (and all those young at heart) to attend and to participate in the services. Come and give it a try!

Δ – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



The winner of the April draw was Mrs. B. Flawn.


1st No.6 Sandra Jones - £20
2nd No. 20 Morag Gonzales - £10

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For those of our readers with internet access, there is now a STOP PRESS section which can be accessed for news or events which break in between editions. The Web address is

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HEALTH MATTERS April 2006 by Dr Ian Williams


Sorting the wheat from the chaff before the rumour mill has time to process it and add chemicals and more bad stuff.

Some amazing rumours around this month! As well as the old chestnut that I am supposed to be leaving to become a painter and decorator, apparently it is being said that doctors (not sure if this means Corwen doctors specifically) are paid large sums of cash each month by the pharmaceutical companies as an incentive to prescribe specific drugs. Hmmmm.... I’m afraid you’ve got it wrong. Pharmaceutical reps give out cheap plastic pens and post it notes in an attempt to persuade doctors to prescribe their products, not envelopes full of cash. As a matter of fact at the surgery we have a policy of not seeing pharmaceutical company reps and try to avoid educational events that are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.


As reported in the last newsletter, the surgery is making another bid for rights to dispense medicines to some patients (those who live more than a mile from the town centre). This would bring the surgery in line with its neighbouring practices in Ruthin, Denbigh, Cerrigydrudion, Betws Y Coed and Bala. The reason we are applying now is that the government in England has barred any new applications and the W.A are thinking along the same lines, so it is now or never! Things are in the early stages and negotiations will take some time, however we feel that this will benefit our patients and safeguard the future of the surgery in Corwen.


The initial meeting to discuss the setting up of a patient participation group, run by the community in liaison with the surgery, was held in the pavilion on Monday 27th of March. Attendance was not overwhelming. 14 people turned out. I gave a short presentation on the idea of a PPG and then there was some discussion. It is hoped that such a group would act as a two way channel for information and influence with regard to the development of primary and community care in Corwen. It would be run by patients, not by the surgery. Such a group could organise educational events and meetings, publish a news letter or help found self help groups. There must be lots of people in the community with expertise, energy or time who could get involved. A second meeting, to form a committee was held at the Healthy Living Centre on Monday 10th April. (See article on the front page). If you have any questions please phone me, Dr Williams, at the surgery.

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© Copyright “Y Bont” unless otherwise indicated / Hawlffraint “Y Bont” oni nodir yn wahanol.