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Editorial Carrog Wellies and Wheelbarrows
Carrog Church Village Hall Llansantffraid Club
Health Centre Carrog & Llidiart y Parc Did You Know ?
Carrog School Congratulations Letters
Diary   * Choir Photograph


As we enter a New Year we hope you all had a good Christmas and have recovered from the New Year celebrations.

Our last edition caused us some problems and only through the persistence of A5 Publishing did we succeed in producing edition three. Because of these difficulties the photograph with the caption ‘Who do you recognise?’ might have resulted in the answer being ‘Nobody’, due to the quality of the picture, however, we did receive two replies. This month we have another contribution from Gareth who assures us he has not used any words, this time, which cannot be translated into Welsh!

We should also mention the dedicated team who now help with and deliver this news sheet (which is gradually becoming a newspaper)! The time consuming translation into Welsh is carried out by Sue Jones with Tina Lloyd typing. Delivery is by Bronwen Lebbon with assistance from staff and sometimes children from the school. Parc is delivered by Jenny (Fruit and Veg) Jones, the Farms along the A5 by Tina Lloyd, Jenny Jones or Steve Davies do the Morfydd, Eddie Fisher the Fedw. We are very grateful to them all, but if we are to continue without stressing out the few, we need a bit more help from volunteers. For those we do not manage to deliver to - you can get your copies at the Post Office or the Grouse.

Our article on ‘Where is Carrog?’ brought a varied response as you will read below and we are sure that everyone will be grateful that our Community Councillor has already raised the issue. This month has also brought two letters from Janet Fox who already has the issue of the speed limit well in hand. Well done Janet. The Editors have also been in contact with Martin Jones our local MP who has also agreed to pursue the matter.

Please keep the contributions coming in - by 20th January for the next issue. Telephone Ian - 430625 or Paul - 430397 or Colin- 430558 or e-mail to

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Where is Carrog?

Carrog is old Welsh for cenllif - a sudden rush of water - a torrent. It was the name of the medieval township which ran from the bridge in present day Glyndyfrdwy, west along the A5 and included Carrog Isa, Carrog Ucha, present day Llidiart y Parc, Pen y Bont Farm and the Wern. East of the bridge in present day Glyndyfrdwy, on the south side of the river Dee, was the medieval township of Mwstwr.

The main village of present day Carrog, on the north side of the road, was the township of Bodorlas. All of the above were in the Parish of Corwen.

Below the road in Carrog, on the south side and going north in a thin strip between the Morfydd road and Rhagatt to the Bwrdd y Tri Arglwydd was the township and old Parish of Llansantffraid Glyndyfrdwy which dates back to before the twelfth century. It has now been absorbed into the parish of Corwen.

When the railway came along the Dee valley in 1864 they named their stations Glyndyfrdwy and Carrog. Houses were then built and Glyndyfrdwy acquired a church and became a separate Parish, and the emerging villages took the respective names.

Strictly speaking the name of Carrog belongs more to Llidiart a Parc than to us! The name of Llidiart y Parc refers to the gateway to the hunting forest land of Owain Glyndwr.

Valamai Webb.

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Wellies and Wheelbarrows

Man and dog working together in perfect harmony. A scene replicated throughout Wales. Sadly though not in the Llan. No matter what I say Jill and Moses do exactly as they please.

Last week we struggled with Houdini, the incredible escaping lamb. I wanted him in the field. He, however, preferred the road and after a particularly strenuous hour chasing him up and down Ffordd Cul, Houdini was finally caught and put in the shed. I take consolation in the fact that having been outwitted by a lamb, things can’t get much worse.

Barring Houdini most of this years lambs have now been sold and have made just enough money to keep me in the poverty to which I’ve grown accustomed.

As a rule at this time of year lamb prices begin to increase as lamb availability decreases. In other words just when I’ve got nothing to sell the price goes up. I think I’ve got it wrong again!

Gareth Llan

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Carrog Church

As many of you are aware the Church is not presently in use despite all the money contributed to its restoration. Unfortunately during a routine inspection by the Church in Wales a fault was discovered. It is serious enough that expert opinion advised disconnection of the electrical supply. This means there is no heating or lighting. It has been possible to run some services using generators but this is difficult to arrange on a regular basis. The architect is making every effort to rectify the problem.

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Village Hall

The Christmas party was well attended by people of all ages and ‘Self Titled’ excelled themselves with their acoustic set. The event raised £100 towards Village Hall funds.

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Llansantffraid Club

Twenty members of the Club arrived at the Village Hall on Dec. 4th, for their Annual Christmas Dinner. An excellent traditional dinner had been prepared by The Grouse, which was enjoyed by all present. The President thanked the Summer Fair Treasurer for the donation of £100 and “Corwen Friendly Society” for a gift of £50. All sick and absent members who were unable to attend were wished a Happy Christmas and each member went home with a small gift.

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Corwen Health Centre

Surgery Hours

Monday 09.00 - 11.00 & 15.30 - 18.00
Tuesday 09.00 - 11.00 & 14.00 - 17.00
Wed 09.00 - 11.00 & 15.30 - 18.00
Thurs 09.00 - 11.00 & 14.00 - 17.30
Friday 09.00 - 11.00 & 14.00 - 16.00
Sat Emergencies only 09.00 - 10.00
Consultations by appointment Tel: 01490 412362

Out of hours urgent problems (need to see a Dr within 4 hours) telephone same number and call is answered by Ambulance control who will contact Dr on call for you, it is worth noting that this service sometimes takes a while to answer the phone during busy periods, so in the case of a life threatening emergency or severe injury ring 999. For full information, pick up a practice leaflet at the surgery. January 2004 Is your new- year resolution to quit smoking? If so you will be interested to know that intensive support and advice on Nicotine replacement Therapy and Zyban is available to help you, either on a one-to-one basis or via groups in this area. Carol Anne Jones is Denbighshire’s smoking cessation specialist, she can be contacted via her secretary Sue Lloyd Williams - telephone 01745 589788. The North Wales 4 - week quit rate is 66%, this is higher than the national average of 53%. Stopping smoking is the best thing smokers can do for their current and future health. The NHS smokers help-line is 0800 169 0169.

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Carrog and Llidiart y Parc

A brief historical account of life in the village is documented in an essay, the author of which is unknown. Extracts from the essay will be published in “Y Bont” over the next few editions.


In 1858 the National School was built - opened in 1860 (now the Village Hall). The education of the children in this period was entirely in the hands of the Church.

In 1904 the Non-conformists won the battle to educate their children and in Carrog they went to ‘school’ in the chapel vestries until a new school was built in 1909. It is said that a lady called Susan Evans used to clean the Church and the National School at the end of the century - but she never went to church on Sunday. She met the Rector one day and he said ...“I never see you in Church on Sunday, Susan”?. Her reply was ...“I’m in Church as often as you are Sir, but not on the same day!”.

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Did You Know?

The original smithy was the cottage opposite the present Smithy now called Bronant
The Rectory was originally where the Smithy now stands.
In the 1720s the Rural Dean described it as …“a mean hovel with a lean-to stable and pigsty”
In 1824 a new Rectory was built - now called “Pentir” - and the old rectory became uninhabited.
In the early 1860s John Lloyd of Rhaggat converted it into a blacksmiths shop and later added a two storey house.
The first occupants were John Hannan, a blacksmith from Gwyddelwern and his family.
By 1910 James Morris had become the blacksmith - he was also the verger and choirmaster and had one of the first cars in the village, running it as a taxi.
His son Gruffudd Allan Morris followed him as blacksmith, until the 1960s when it became unoccupied.
In the 1980s Mr Vaughan Edwards purchased the Smithy and completely renovated it.

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Carrog School

Carrog School pupils and staff had a very busy time at the end of term. The pupils provided the musical entertainment for Carols around the Christmas tree at the Village Hall and Charlotte Roebuck-Dolby switched on the Christmas lights.

The following day they went on a surprise visit to Carrog Station to see the lights and meet santa who presented them all with a present. After a drink ,a lolly and a photo the children sang for Santa and his helpers.

The Christmas Concert “Knock Knock” was well received by an appreciative audience in the Neuadd. At the end of the Concert Bronwen Lebbon presented Diana Keyse with a gift from the school to thank her for playing the piano for numerous concerts and her contribution to music in the village.

The P.T.F.A. provided a party and Disco for the children and they all went to Llandudno to see the Panto “Snow White”.

The term ended with a Christingle Service in Church with the year 6 pupils Angharad, Gus, Isobel, Lauren and Sean carrying the Christingle candles.

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Congratulations to Brian Fairburn and Trudi Williams who were married in Wrexham on Friday 19th December. We wish them all the very best for the future.

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Dear Editor,

I have just read the third edition of Y Bont. On the front page you ask the question “Where are our signs?” showing, where Carrog starts and ends? I am Carrog’s Community Councillor, I have had a few enquiries to this question and in October 2003 I requested this in the Community Council meeting I have also requested go slow signs as the build up of traffic through our village is increasing and is a danger to our young children and animals. I will let you know of their progress.

Yours sincerely

Heather Scott

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dear Editor,

With respect of your last two issues of Y Bont and the letters contained therein regarding the speed of traffic passing along the A5 at its junctions for both Carrog and Lliddiart y parc, I have, since September 2003, been in communication with both Ian Miller, Ch. Exec. Denbighshire County Council and also Mr. Neil Fenby from the National Assembly for Wales regarding this problem.

Denbighshire say the A5 is the responsibility of the National Assembly of Wales and that Denbighshire are ‘discussing’ the issue with the Assembly and it has been suggested that a 40 mph limit should be introduced at this location.

Mr. Miller assures that the Assembly will be ‘pressed’ for action. I have spoken personally with Mr. Neil Fenby, Highways Dept. National Assembly for Wales and asked how far the discussions had got. It is ongoing. I suggested that if he thought a petition might help things along then I would organize this but he thought he could manage I have, since seeing your December issue of Y Bont written to the Nat. Assembly and asked for confirmation that it is still under discussion.

I have furnished Mr. Fenby with a copy of the November issue of Y Bont containing Mr Lea’s letter and I have quoted from the December issue.

Janet Fox

I have just received the following reply from the Welsh Assembly:

“The possibility of introducing a Speed Limit Zone within Llidiart y Parc has previously been the subject of several discussions beween officers within this branch of the Transport Directorate and a decision to initiate further investigation has already been made.

The investigations comprise the measurement of existing vehicle speeds, the identification of the most appropriate terminal points and liaison with North Wales Police into whether a new Speed Limit would meet the UK National requirements of being reasonably self enforcing.

Our Agents, Denbighshire County Council, as Service Provider to the NE Wales Trunk Road Agency have previously been instructed on this matter and a further instructions will now be sent out.

In regards to time scale I would estimate that taking into account all the statutory consultations and legal documentation that is required, the introduction of a speed limit could take between 9 and 18 months.

The introduction of a speed limit will improve conditions being faced by schoolchildren who use the bus laybys on the way to Llangollen however your concerns on this matter will be investigated further in conjunction with the North Wales Police and DCC/NEWTA.”

Janet Fox

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Friends from across the sea”

In November a couple from America (Sean and Mary Alice) stopped for the night in Carrog whilst on holiday in this country. They visited the Grouse Inn for their evening meal and were so impressed with the hospitality shown to them by the local people they sent an e-mail which I have reproduced below.

Eric Lea

“Dear all,

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed meeting everybody. Mary-Alice and I had a great trip and the highlight was spending a day/night in Carrog. We wished that we could have spent more time there, and also getting to know everybody a little better. The rest of our trip was great! We hope to get back to your neck of the woods sometime. What a beautiful spot you have there.

By the way, I work as a screen writer, and found some really interesting elements in wales both historical and current... who knows, maybe I can come up with something. Maybe a Welsh version of “Cheers”!!! I hope you all have a great Christmas and a very happy new year.

Sean and Mary-Alice
New York. USA”

Δ – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Llansantffraid Club

Next Meeting 29th. January 2004

Edeyrnion Historical Meeting

Tuesday, January 27th. 7.30pm at the Village Hall - an illustrated talk on Penarth Quarry - by Valmai Webb - all welcome

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* Choir Photograph

If you didn’t recognise anyone then Dyfyr Davies and Valmai Webb did.

They named them, from left to right, as:

Back Row - Canon Goronwy (Owen or Davies)?, Rector of Corwen, Gillian Roberts, Phillip Davies, Nora Ann Hughes, Gruffudd Allan Morris, Olwen ? Ty Cynnes, Susan Isbell, Gwenda Jones.

Front Row - Dorothy Jones, Gwenda Jones, Phillip Jones, Dyfyr Jones, Margaret Morris, Martin Jones, Gareth Jones, Kenneth Webb.

We are still awaiting news of a reunion concert of the surviving members!

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