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Editorial * Twinning Unclaimed Prizes
Congratulations Carrog Bridge Village Hall
Wellies and Wheelbarrows Health Matters Llangollen Eisteddfod
Elections Allotment Carnival
Charity Auction Paintbrush Pandemonium Carrog School
Recipe   Carrog


According to a recent full page report in another local newspaper, Carrog is a very quiet village which is very pretty but who’s main attraction is that of somewhere to retire to. This certainly was not the impression of our visitors from Plouyé or from one visitor who stayed overnight in the Village and was moved to write to us about it. (We don’t think so). Do any of our readers have their own views on this? We will print your comments next month!

An apology! Our distribution in May was not up to standard with a number of households not receiving their copy. Judging by the number of complaints we had it proves that we were missed! Our distribution staff and paper boys are all receiving rigorous retraining before this issue is sent out.

Please remember anyone can contribute letters or articles on on absolutely anything they think is relevant, provided we have room! Send contributions by e-mail to or telephone 430397, 430625 or 430558

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* Twinning / Plouyé

Carrog and Parc are now officially twinned with Plouyé following a well attended ceremony on Friday 14th May 2004.

The visitors day began with a trip organised by Keith and Tina Penarth, taking the visitors up the mountain for a bird’s eye view of Carrog/Parc and the Dee Valley. This was followed by refreshments in the garden of the Farm, leaving the visitors stunned with the hospitality and beauty of their surroundings.

There followed a tour of Carrog School after which the visitors returned to the Village Hall to join many people from the Village where entertainment was provided by the children, who gave an illustrated history of the Village in English, Welsh and French followed by the singing of several Welsh songs. Many thanks to Marthe Whitehall who interpreted so well.

The official signing was carried out by Councillor Rhys Webb on our behalf and Mayor Marcel Le Guern on behalf of Plouyé. Documents in four languages were signed, Welsh, Breton, English and French and there was an exchange of gifts. The Bretons presented a handsome wooden plaque to Carrog and a hand painted plate, beautifully created by Valmai Webb was presented to the visitors. There followed a reception for everyone present where Welsh cakes, Welsh cheese, cider and wine were served.

Later that evening there was entertainment provided by Cor Meibion Bro Glyndwr, Charlotte Davies and Heather Blair and by the Reverend Bethan Scotford. The visitors were particularly pleased at such a high standard of entertainment and hoped they could offer the same on a return visit. A buffet provided free of charge by the Grouse Inn was then enjoyed by all.

Saturday saw the visitors taking the train to Llangollen with complimentary tickets from the Railway Company. The evening was taken up with a highly successful hog roast attended by about 160 people with entertainment provided by ‘Tonic’ and Adam Kelly who regularly appears at the Eisteddfod.

On Sunday there was a visit to Ewephoria where the performance of the sheep dogs was greatly admired by the visitors. There is virtually no sheep farming around Plouyé so dogs working with sheep was a novelty. The day ended with a farewell drink and supper in the Grouse.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the events and contributed to make the weekend such a success, with a special mention to the ladies who organised and served up the salads at the Hog Roast.

Councillor Rhys Webb and Mayor Marcel Le Guern sign the Twinning Documents in Welsh, Breton, English and French

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Unclaimed Prizes

There are two winning raffle tickets left unclaimed from the Twinning Hog Roast both are yellow tickets, numbers 166 and 26.

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* Congratulations

Cyril and Marion Brown of Llidiart y Parc who have just celebrated their Diamond Wedding are pictured with their telegram from the Queen.

We also take great pleasure in thanking them for sponsoring the next issue of Y Bont as part of their celebration.

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Carrog Bridge

The bridge was inspected by CADW on May 17th. but there is no official news yet as to when repairs will commence.

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Village Hall - Carrog

The Village Hall continues to be put to good use by all sections of the community. We now have the benefit of new folding tables to replace the old square ones which have seen over twenty years of service, both inside and outside of the building. This gives us the opportunity to reduce the clutter and keep the building tidy.

Users are respectfully reminded to return any tables, chairs and equipment to where they found them!

The first draw for the 100 Club took place on Saturday 15th May, winners were :-
Mr Gren Teague £20,
Mrs Joan (Grouse) Jones £10.00

The date for the open AGM and election of officers has now been deferred to 21st June at 7.00pm.

Please come – its everybody’s facility and everybody has a right to have a say in its use as a community facility.

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Wellies and Wheelbarrows

I don’t want to give the impression I’m never happy but surely its about time we had some rain. Although the fine weather has enabled me to clear a lot of outstanding work , if it doesn’t rain soon the Llan is going to look like the Sahara for the rest of the year.

Despite my predictions of having enough hay to last until the cows went out, I ended up having to buy silage from a neighbour. I say ‘buy’ but in traditional farmer fashion I haven’t actually paid for it yet.

I had a spot of bother with a heifer calving last week. Unable to cope alone, I fetched Vivian to help. However, our combined efforts failed to produce a calf. With me sweating and swearing Vivian went on a mercy dash to Penarth to fetch Keith and his calving ratchet and I continued pulling on the calving ropes. The heifer had meanwhile decided she didn’t want a calf after all and was making no attempt whatsoever to help. When I had just about given up on getting the calf out alive, the heifer decided to heave again. I pulled and the calf came without any further problems. Vivian and Keith arrived on the yard to find mother and calf looking quite happy getting to know each other and me looking like I’d gone twelve rounds with Lennox Lewis.

All the lambs have had their first worm drench and the ewes have been tailed, so the next big job will be shearing next month.

In the meantime I’’ll have to carry on with my new shed. It was supposed to be a job for the winter but as usual things haven’t gone to Plan in Llan. Maybe I will have finished it before the next article.

Gareth Llan.
© Gareth Bryan. 2004.

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Health Matters

On April 1st the way family doctors (GPs) work changed.

Patients will benefit as doctors will be rewarded for providing higher quality care, in practical terms this will mean patients being more closely monitored if they suffer from a chronic health problem such as diabetes, asthma or heart disease so that complications can be reduced or avoided.

GPs will also be able to opt out of providing certain services, if this happens Denbighshire Local Health Board (LHB) will be responsible for ensuring these services are provided elsewhere. Out of hours cover will no longer be provided by your GP 7 days a week, this responsibility will be taken over by Denbighshire LHB, patients will contact their usual surgery number and will be transferred to an out of hours answering service who will deal with the call.

This is the area that concerns patients the most but it has been operating successfully in many areas such as Chirk and the North Wales coast for some time, people should be reassured that there will be no break in service if they need to contact a doctor urgently in the evenings or at weekends.

Wales is short of over 200 GPs. In a bid to help recruit and retain GPs the new GP contract will improve doctors working lives and career structure, nurses and pharmacists will take on extended roles, this will free up GPs enabling them to focus on the work that only a doctor can do.

Leaflets outlining the new provision of services are available at chemists, doctors’ surgeries, dentists and opticians.

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Llangollen International Eisteddford

The Eisteddfod will be celebrating its 58th year in July with the usual excellent complement of artistes and competitors.

As well as the professional artistes, who include Michael Ball, Aled Jones and the Opera Babes amongst their number, we will also welcome into the community 20 members of a Breton dance group, Kan Breizh who last stayed here 2 years ago with local hosts and will be anxious to renew old friendships.

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June 10th Elections

Candidates in the local elections are as follows :-

Denbighshire County Council - 1 vacancy
Candidates - David Ellis Jones, Huw Llewelyn Jones, Nigel Paul Roberts, Lyn Silcox, Arthur Mark Thomas.

In our May edition we gave the opportunity to any candidates who were standing for local election to explain what they would do for Carrog/Llidiart y Parc. We have received the following responses…….

“I welcome the opportunity to tell the people of Carrog and Llidiart y Parc what I have done and what I intend to do for the community. Most of you know me as Nigel the Milk, you see me on a regular basis and you will be aware that I have served the community for the past thirty years as a firefighter. If elected as your local councillor I will fight for issues which are important for us all. I am standing as an independant candidate representing the people of our community which I feel is more important than party politics.”
Nigel Paul Roberts.

“I have lived in Carrog for almost 20 years and for most of that time I ran an Insurance Brokers Business from the centre of Corwen Town. I am familiar with local issues and the people they affect, and the recent survey has brought to light strong feelings and concerns on many other local issues, my thanks to you all for those returned, if you still wish to return your survey form you can post them through my letter box at Glanaber in Carrog or the old Insurance Relay offices in Corwen. My promise if elected for the Corwen district, is to listen, to hear and to be available to you all no matter what your own political views are. My objective is to work hard with the Denbighshire C.C. and Local Residents, using local opinion and commonsense on issues that matter to us. My belief is that Councillors should be there to represent the people not themselves, we are all rate payers, we all deserve to have our say and through me you will get that right. I hope you will support me in the Local Elections and help to make a difference.”
Lynne Silcox.

There will be no election for Corwen Community Council and all candidates will be elected unopposed, including our own David Jones and Brynle Hughes.

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Free To Good ?

Allotment available in Llidiart-y-Parc for use by any local resident. Rent free. Ideal for growing vegetables / keeping chickens etc.

Contact Eric or Faye Lea on 430259

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Carnival / Summer Fayre

A reminder that it will be held on 14th August and opened by Reverend Bethan Scotford and her husband ‘Bishop’ Ron.

Attractions include many stalls, miniature train, bouncy castle and Fruit and Veg Show with prizes. More details to follow next month

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Charity Auction

It is intended to hold a charity auction in the Autumn for the benefit of the Village Hall and Llansantffraid Church.

If you have any items of furniture, crockery, toys, musical instruments, pictures or anything else which you no longer use, we would be very grateful for them.

Please contact Paul Fisher on 430397 who will arrange for collection.

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Paintbrush Pandemonium

Crowds of people, framed pictures, good food, this can mean only one thing - Carrog Crafters Art Exhibition!

On May 2nd Key stage 2 children got out their art stuff and got crafty. Lots of paintings were for sale and nearly all were sold. Budding artists in year 6 took the jobs of Chaiman - Gus Shaw, Vice chairman - Isobel Cardwell, Treasurer - Sean Allan, P.R. Agent - Lauren Bourne and Secretary - Angharad Roberts.

The Exhibition followed a school trip to the Liverpool art galleries and the pictures and models were inspired by some of the paintings seen.

Dr. Gibbs opened the exhibition and a raffle was organised by Nia Roberts which raised £50. There was free entry and refreshments for everyone. Speeches were given by the children and organizers and Daniela Hughes and Louisa were cheered. Reported by Lauren Bourne Year 6.

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Carrog School

The school recorder group and individual players took part in the Chester Festival in Kins School. They all received high marks and Mavis Johns, the recorder teacher was very pleased with their performance.

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This Month’s Recipe

Crown roast of Welsh Lamb – Coron oen cymru wedi’ i rostio

2 best ends of neck of Welsh lamb
dripping or vegetable oil

The stuffing
1 onion, 2 oz. celery, 8 oz. bread crumbs, 1 egg, 1 oz. butter, salt and pepper.

The gravy
1 oz. flour, liquor from the roast meat 1 pint potato or vegetable water.

Dice the onion and chop the celery finely. Lightly beat the egg. Mix all the ingredients of the stuffing together. Remove the thin bone from each joint. Cut across the bone ends of the meat, about one and a half inches from the tips. Remove the fatty ends and scrape the bones free of meat. Sew the two joints together so that the bones curve outwards forming a crown. Stand in a roasting tin and brush with melted dripping or vegetable oil. Place the stuffing in the middle of the crown. Cover the whole with kitchen foil to keep the stuffing moist and the bones from burning. Roast in the centre of a moderate oven (350°F, 177°C, gas mark 4). Allow 30 minutes per lb. About twenty minutes from the end of cooking remove the foil, to crisp the meat but leave a small piece over the stuffing.

The Gravy
Make a roux from the flour and the liquid from the meat. Stir in potato or vegetable water. Boil for 2-3 minutes and add gravy browning if needed.

To serve: decorate the bone tips with cutlet frills.

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Carrog - First Impressions

Impressions can be very deceiving as I discovered to my delight, when I was invited to a meeting in a small village in Wales.

Alan, my colleague, wanted me to meet his business partners and discuss potential work. I had not been to Wales since I was a small child. My memories were bleak, of grey sea and caravans on a windswept coast. The skies were grey when we left Leeds. “If it’s like this here, what will it be like over there?”

]But, as we approached Chester the clouds began to lift; sunshine peered through at us. It was a warm welcome to Wales. On winding roads we approached our destination, Carrog, set by the banks of the River Dee.

My first glimpse of the village was from across the river; a small cluster of houses and a pub as we came across the old stone bridge. Behind us, the mist was rolling down from the surrounding mountains, a stark contrast to the sunlight reflecting from the warm brick and white render of our destination.

I instantly fell in love with my surroundings; the little railway station, the river meandering down the valley, the peace and quiet, the lack of traffic and the way buildings nestled into the valley side, as though they were trying to hide from prying eyes.

We were staying at Dewis Dyddyn with Alan’s business partner Paul and his wife Christine. I had a sudden fear of meeting them, we were 3 hours late, what would they think of this Yorkshire stranger. I need not have worried, I was welcomed like an old family friend. Like Paul and Christine, the village itself seems to make you feel you belong. Its beauty captivates you. Surrounded by mountains and with the mist growing ever nearer, only the Grouse coaxed us to venture out. The reception was warm and friendly, the food and company great. It was wonderful just to relax, look out at such beautiful surroundings and be enveloped by a sea of tranquillity, such a change from city life.

Later, as I lay in bed, I listened to the sound of the river rushing under the bridge and gurgling through the stones at the waters edge feeling like I had been here before. I longed to stay, but work called. As I write this article back in Leeds, I think of the short but wonderful time I spent in the beautiful village of Carrog and hope to return one day soon to sample the delights of the village that has won my heart.

Jayne Ogier. Leeds.

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