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Editorial Old Carrog Carrog Bridge
Cricket Wellies and Wheelbarrows Finance
Twinning / Plouyé Carrog School Village Hall
Elections Road Tax Congratulations
Letters Diary Glebe Land


So here we are with edition eight and moving into May. The month that will bring our twinning with Plouyé to fruition and there is an article detailing the arrangements for the weekend. This is a Village event and we hope as many people as possible will participate in the activities. Twinning with another community is a very informal affair, but the future benefits can be considerable with the opportunity to understand how similar communities live their lives. It is unusual for a community as small as ours to undertake it but it is probably as a result of our hospitality to Breton visitors in recent years that Plouyé have asked that they can formally twin with us. Hopefully we can build on this visit and arrange a return visit in the near future to which everyone is welcome.

Our April Fool worked rather too well, first of all taking in a member of our editorial team and then several members of the community. We think apologies are due to those who were so concerned about our community they were prepared to protest and having realised the joke were able to laugh about it. We also should mention the hard working staff at the One Stop Shop who with their usual helpfulness and efficiency pursued the concerns of the people who called in. They quickly established the truth of the matter and put concerns at ease. Thank you for that. BUT watch out for next April!

The Bridge and the Shop remain major concerns to the community. We have a letter concerning the shop and there are many worries over the Bridge as it looks as if for the second time in twenty years Carrog and Parc will be separated when the Bridge is closed for repairs - and just when we created a bridge with Brittany.

The Police are pursuing enquiries with regard to the damage at the Neuadd. The total cost was much smaller than originally thought as York Street Carpets of Wrexham came down on a Sunday and repaired the floor at a very reasonable charge. The toilet cistern, however, had to be replaced. The cost of damage to the window is yet to be assessed. The cost of financing “Y Bont” remains a problem and we are currently awaiting the result of a grant application.

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Old Carrog and Parc

The final episode of the 1950s essay is produced this month, the subject being the expansion of the Village.

“Between 1895 -1905 a lot of buildings were erected. The Baptist Chapel was built, moving from Tanycapel (where Swan Cottages are now).

In 1898 Disgwylfa and Gorffwysfa were built - Disgwylfa nearest the chapel for the Methodist Minister and Gorffwvsfa for Mr. Edward Jones, Park Shop. Each cost £635.

Then came Pengwern, Fronheulog, Llanerch and Minffordd then Trem a Fon, Cadogan, Crammond and the Post Office.

The Post Office previous to this had been at Dewis Dyddyn (also a newspaper and stationery shop). Ty Coch (now Berwyn Lodge) was built later around 1904/5 and Gwylfa Terrace, Capel Beulah and Tai Teg.”

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Carrog Bridge News

The latest on the bridge is that the county council has received estimates for the works and are discussing these with CADW, because of the historical importance of the structure.

Indications are that the bridge may be closed to vehicles but not pedestrians whilst the repairs are carried out which hopefully should only take a few days. In the meantime it is hoped that no further damage is caused.

It should be quite obvious to anyone however that weight restriction warning signs should also be placed at the last point at which vehicles can turn around i.e. at the Station entrance and near the Church/Village Hall area. Does anyone seriously expect drivers, who through no fault of their own, arrive at the bridge, to reverse all the way out again, and while those responsible are at it, why not REDUCE the limit to 7.5 tons gvw and move those ugly signs away from the bridge, which must be one of the most photographed and painted in North Wales?

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Cricketing Comeback

Not many years ago, Carrog and Llidiart y Parc fielded a cricket team under the captaincy of Denis Wyn Jones.

Although that team is now gone there is still considerable interest in the game with players in the Corwen team. That interest extends to all ages - taking the crease for the first time for some seasons, Michael Jones of Carrog batted recently in Corwen at the youthful age of 58! The score has not been confirmed yet but we are assured that all those in the Grouse who doubted his ability have now paid their dues to his nominated charity - Hope House.

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Wellies and Wheelbarrows

Sometime near the end of February I was rudely awoken by a sound that sent shivers down my spine. The first lamb in the Llan for 2004 had been born. His mother had promptly decided she hated the sight of him and tried to mingle innocently with the other ewes. I said a quick prayer and attempted to re-unite them. She still hated him a week later.

Whilst in the middle of lambing a nameless genius in the Ministry County Offices decided it would be a good time to do an official count of my sheep. Although the man who came to count was very pleasant and all sheep were accounted for, it was a headache I could have done without.

On the whole lambing went well with a number of lambs being saved due to friendly ’phone calls from the residents of Maes y Llan. Thank you to everyone who called - it is much appreciated.

With the muck heap getting closer to the road every day I decided to get it on the fields before I ran out of space and had a disaster on my hands. Arwel Bach came around and after a few days work and shower dodging, he’d spread the lot.

As the weather was fine and dry I turned some bullocks out to Ddol y Grouse. Two days later the heavens opened and it turned colder. So much for the long range weather forecast.

It looks although there is enough hay to last until everything else leaves the sheds, but when that will be is anyones guess.

The cows are due to calve over the next few weeks so sleep deprivation is on the cards once again. Any insomniacs in Carrog who enjoy a tug of war just give me a ring.

Gareth Llan
© Gareth Bryan 2004

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Financial Corner

A new tax year, a new Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowance. But how do you pick the right one? With so many funds to choose from this can be a difficult choice to make. So we have put together some points to consider before making your choice.

1. Past Performance
Good past performance does not necessarily mean good performance in the future. At the start of 2000 for instance investors placed large amounts of money into technology funds which made large gains over the previous three years. However that year saw these funds take a significant down fall. However, don’t ignore past performance altogether.

2. Risk
Some funds are more volatile than others, in other words, they carry a greater chance of a big loss. When discussing your investment choice with your financial adviser, make sure that you are comfortable with the level of risk associated with chosen fund.

3. Question to ask
Ask you financial adviser if the manager of the funds recommended invests his own money in that fund. This does not necessarily guarantee good performance, but it does ensure commitment.

4 Your Portfolio
Investors should consider creating a balanced portfolio with a range of funds investing in a mix of asset classes, i.e., Bonds, Equities and Property. It makes sense to spread your money broadly so that you are not to vulnerable to a down turn in any one sector. Government bonds for instance usually do well when the economy is weak, where as Equities tend to do badly.

Finally, despite the governments gradually reducing of tax advantages, ISA’s still offer a tax efficient return on investment over the medium to long term. So why wait till the end of tax year before making your investment choice. Consider your options early, take your time, and seek professional advice when you need it.

If you have any questions
e-mail us at, ’phone 01978 860897 or send your letters to the address below.

Article supplied by
H.L. Financial Consultants. Unit 9, The Malthouse, Regent Street, Llangollen, LL20 8HS.

H.L. Financial consultants is an appointed representative of Berkeley Independent Advisers Ltd. which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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Twinning / Plouyé

On the weekend of May 14th./16th. Carrog/Llidiart y Parc will form an official twinning arrangement with the village of Plouyé in Brittany.

A delegation of 10 residents including M. le Guern, the Mayor of Plouyé will be staying in the village as guests over that weekend. Plouyé is a rural bilingual (Breton/French) community similar in size to Carrog/Parc which boasts a church, a school and 3 bars (one of which is also the village shop!!) and the weekend will be an opportunity to compare our cultures and the way that we live.

The arrangements for the weekend will include the following :-
Fri. May 14th. - Official reception at the Village Hall at 2.00 p.m. to which all Carrog/Parc residents and their friends are welcome. Entertainment will be provided by our schoolchildren and the official twinning documents will be signed (in Breton, Welsh, French and English) by the Mayor of Plouyé and Councillor Rhys Webb, on behalf of our community. Cor Meibion Bro Glyndwr and a visiting harpist will provide musical entertainment from 6.30 p.m. With bar and buffet kindly provided by the Grouse. On Saturday May 15th. our Breton guests will be attending what is really the annual community summer party - this year it is a “Hog Roast + Tonic’! With music provided by well known bilingual local duo Tonic, and Hog provided and roasted by Dai Butch. In addition to this our official visitors will also be out on various excursions including a rail trip to Llangollen on the Saturday (courtesy of Llangollen Railway) and a visit to Ewephoria on the Sunday, which should be quite a novelty as Plouyé is at the centre of an area where sheep farming (and the secure fences that our agricultural correspondent is very familiar with!) is virtually non existent.

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Carrog School

The Carrog Crafters have been busy getting ready for their Exhibition on Friday May 21st. Everyone is invited to the Village Hall at 7 p.m. when refreshments will be provided.

Eleanor Sansom gained first prize with the recitation in the Urdd Eisteddfod in St Asaph and will now go to the National Eisteddfod in Angelsey.

Balloons and banners were flying on April 21st to celebrate Mrs Jones’ special birthday.

The school has welcomed 5 part time 3 year old pupils, Francis, Megan, Osian, Sam and Maddie who are all settling in well. Good luck to Molly Bourne, Charlotte Roberts and Sioned Roberts who have joined the Youth Wind Orchestra in Corwen.

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Village Hall

Rhagatt Estate has presented a Yamaha keyboard to the Village Hall which is an extremely welcome addition to the facilities.

At the last committee meeting it was agreed to ask Mr. Brynle Hughes to undertake minor roofing repairs and to replace the previously damaged guttering at the rear of the building.

The vandalism damage has now been repaired and the police have spoken to two people. An attempt is now being made to gain some compensation.

Hirers are to be reminded that for future events the entrance to the building must be stewarded at all times, and don‘t forget that the first 100 Club draw takes place next month!

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Council Elections and Our Community

On June 10th. elections will take place for European, County and Community Council members.

It is not our policy to make political comments, but aspiring candidates are reminded that in the case of both county and community council elections nominations must be in by Thursday 13th. May.

What we do intend however is to ask through this paper that all candidates tell us exactly what they intend to do for Carrog/Parc if they are elected? And by that we also mean candidates who not live in our community but who wish to represent us. We intend to publish those comments in the June edition to help our readers with their voting intentions. We have touched on several issues directly relevant to our community in the last few months and it will be interesting to see who takes up the cudgels on our behalf. And how long they can do it for!

Councillor Rhys Webb will be retiring from the County Council next month after what must seem like a lifetime of service in local government - 46 years in which he has represented this community as an Independent Councillor on Merioneth, Clwyd and Denbighshire County Councils. In addition to serving the local community on countless committees and acting as school governor and magistrate.

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Off Road Vehicles

A quick reminder to those of you who have road tax exempt vehicles. If they are off the road for winter you must still notify Swansea through the Statutory of Road Notice (SORN) even though you are not liable for tax.

An £80 fine may result if you do not do this.

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To Emma Simpson of Parc on the birth of her baby daughter, Caitlin, weighing 6lb 6oz on 10th April.

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Carrog Stores
Dear Editor

I note with regret that Carrog Stores is now closed and the effect this will have on the life of the village, and the perception visitors will have when they come to see us.

Three years ago Carrog had a thriving post office and stores and I can see no commercial reason why, in the right hands, it cannot be resurrected. It is vital that any such venture offers something unique which cannot be obtained from supermarkets further afield. There is plenty of scope here for reliably providing produce which both local people and, in season, visitors need, and open at times which suit customers.

Having given the proposition a deal of thought, Jane and I would be very interested in operating a community store in Carrog, run by local people on a voluntary basis and providing more than just goods - a place for people to meet, to arrange for recycling, shredding of junk mail, photocopying, etc., and most importantly providing fresh, quality essential and special food and household items (coal, matches, firelighters etc) at affordable prices which we can all appreciate. I understand that Carrog Stores will be available from July and we need to start planning now.

Please get in touch with Jane on 01678 520400 (yes, it is in Carrog) if you would like to help us get Carrog Stores back onto the map and to work out how we can help those in the village who have to rely on a local shop in the mean time.

John Legg
Berwyn House

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Dear Editor,

The evolution of language.

During the last few years I have noticed many changes to the English language. Some essential, and some, I feel, unnecessary.

For instance, some people visit an Optometrist when their eyes need attention. I still see an Optician. When their feet give them trouble, most people visit a chiropodist, not a podiatrist. A dentist is the person to see when you have toothache, not a dental surgeon. And when did Solicitors become Lawyers. When the time comes for me to be laid out, I would like it to be carried out by an Undertaker, not a Funeral Director. Some years ago, Grass was something to play games on, a Joint was part of a Sunday meal. Gay meant happy and only astronauts were ever spaced out. Has anybody else any examples of how the English language is changing, and what are their views?

Dai Dinthewool
Llidiart-y-Parc, Corwen

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1st - 15th May Exhibition of drawings by Ed Fisher at Llangollen Library.

14TH. May - Twinning Reception followed by Cor Meibion Bro Glyndwr in concert - Free

15th May - Hog Roast with entertainment by “Tonic”. Tickets £5 at the Village Hall.

Carrog Church will be holding a May Fayre at 7.00pm on Thursday, 27th May 2004 at Green Acres. All are welcome. Further information will be available from notices, posted as usual, nearer the time.

Church services in May
2nd - 9.30 Holy Communion
9th - 11.00 Morning Prayer
16th - 11.00 Holy Communion
23rd - 11.00 Morning Prayer (Worship Leaders)
27th - 7.00 pm Coffee Evening
30th - 9.30 Holy Communion

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Glebe Land

The following was received from the Representative Body of the Church in Wales in response to the observations submitted concerning the Glebe land:

As discussed, the Property Sub-committee fully considered the resolution passed at the meeting of the Parochial Church Council on 22nd February 2004. The Committee decided that, in line with its obligation to secure the best terms reasonably obtainable on land it sells or leases, a sale of the site should be sought once outline planning permission has been obtained. The committee had a lot of sympathy with the parish’s wish that, if a sale were to go ahead, the sire should be developed to provide affordable/social housing. However, the committee felt it was the responsibility of the Local Planning Authority to specify any conditions that should apply to any planning approval. Having said this, subject to a successful planning application, our agents will be asked to contact all Housing Associations active in the area. This will ensure they are all made aware of the availability of the site, even though they will have to pay a full market price if they wish to acquire the land, which will also have to be openly marketed. I have today written to our agents to ask them to apply for outline planning consent for the land in question and no doubt you will hear more locally when this application is due to be considered.

Carrog Church was asked to respond to the Property Department of the Representative Body of the Church in Wales and canvassed, through a public meeting, local opinion prior to making a response. It is now up to individuals, who may feel strongly about the situation, to make their own responses.

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